Comprehensive Maintenance

Risk-averse customers will appreciate that Worcester Elevator Company can take care of all your elevator maintenance needs for one set monthly price. Set your annual budget and entrust your elevator maintenance and state testing obligations to us.

Our regularly scheduled visits will ensure that you elevators will continue to operate in the most reliable fashion possible. Should you require additional, or emergency, services between regularly scheduled visits a call to our local dispatch center will quickly get your elevator back into service.

Preventive Maintenance

This cost-effective solution to elevator maintenance allows an owner great control over maintenance, testing and repair costs. Our trained personnel will make scheduled visits to check on the operating condition of your elevators. Should your elevator require more than basic lubrication and inspection, a recommended plan of action will be developed.

This allows you to plan your elevator expenses as your usage and budget allows. If your elevator only receives light use, you will save money by not be paying for a level of service you don't need.

Should usage of your elevator increase, then the frequency of service visits and level of coverage may be upgraded as needed to better suit your needs.





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