Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes and models of elevators do you service?

A: Worcester Elevator can assist you with the maintenance of almost any elevator manufactured in the last 100 years, though some elevators require special diagnostic tools or repair parts that are proprietary to their manufacturers. Our talented staff will be happy to provide a cost-free survey of your equipment and advise you of the best plan of action for your maintenance needs.

Q: What type of elevator will be best suited to the new structure we are planning to build?

A: Worcester Elevator can help you review your needs for vertical transportation and establish the design parameters for the appropriate, non-proprietary elevator equipment that best suits your project and overall needs.

Q: How can I control the long-term maintenance costs of my new elevator?

A: You can count on Worcester Elevator to help you ensure that your new equipment offers the best balance of original equipment cost, proven technology, long-terms parts availability and low maintenance costs.


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